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Spay & Neuter in Santa Rosa, CA

Preventing pregnancy and eliminating hormones contribute to your pet leading to a long, happy and healthy life. Since we are committed to our belief that this is best for your pet, we offer significantly discounted prices on ovariohysterectomies and neuters. In order to maintain the highest quality care for our patients, canine spays/neuters and feline spays include:

– Advanced surgical monitoring with a trained surgical assistant. (See list of surgical monitoring equipment under general surgery description.)
– Advanced sterilization
– Heated surgical table in our dedicated, sterile surgical suite
– Highest quality surgical instruments and suture material
– Pre-anesthetic sedative to allow for comfortable IV catheter placement and anesthetic induction
– General anesthesia maintained by a licensed veterinary technician.
– IV catheter with fluid administration during surgery and throughout recovery. This allows for a safer, more stable plane of anesthesia as well as a safer, smoother recovery. At many hospitals this service is offered as optional and becomes an additional charge on the day of surgery. We are including it in our spays / neuters at no additional cost
– A pain injection which lasts 24 hours ensures your pet wakes up from surgery as comfortable as possible.
– Intensive post-surgical care and monitoring
– Suture removal 10-14 days after surgery

We offer all available Spay & Neuter Surgery

Reduces mating urge

Reduces spraying or ``marking`` issues

Reduces cancer risks

Stabilizes your pet's mood

Cats tend to be kinder to owners

Dogs overall behavior is improved

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