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Pet Vaccines in Santa Rosa, CA

All Tails Waggin in Santa Rosa, California, provides pet vaccincations for dogs and cats.  All our vaccines are of the highest quality, designed for safety and a lower potential for reaction. In addition, we refrain from giving multiple vaccines at the same time, further lowering the risk of reaction.

Yearly blood work is recommended for pets over the age of 7 to establish a healthy baseline as well as identify diseases before they become symptomatic. Animals are typically stoic and often will not show signs of illness until they are very sick. If we can diagnose a disease before it reaches this point, we are often able to improve the quality and longevity of your pet’s life.

We recommend annual deworming for all pets. Gastrointestinal parasites (such as roundworms, hookworms, coccidia, giardia, and more) can impair your pets’ health & can also affect human members of your family, particularly children. It is important to diagnose and treat these parasites as they can impair not only your pet’s health but also the health of your family, particularly children. Parasites such as roundworms and giardia can be transmitted to humans and may cause symptoms ranging from severe gastrointestinal upset to blindness. Puppies and kittens are most often the carriers of such parasites, but pets of any age may be exposed.

Heartworm testing should be performed every year on all pets. We recommend monthly heartworm prevention for all dogs and cats for 12 months of the year. Yes, we do have heartworm disease in Sonoma County. It can be a deadly disease. Treatment for dogs is both painful and very expensive.

We offer all available pet vaccinations including:

Rabies Shots





Feline Leukemia

Herpesvirus 1

And More

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